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Pressure Indicators

Pressure gauges that are compliant with the JIS B7505-1 standard of bourdon tube pressure gauges. We can also provide pressure gauges for a wide range of uses including steam, vibration-resistance, and heat-resistance applications.

Special Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges for special circumstances such as environments with low pressure (low vacuum) that is not measurable with Bourdon tube pressure gauges, environments with abrupt pressure fluctuations, and the like.

Electric Contact Gauges

Pressure gauges with buzzers or other electronic alarms that allow you to perform rational operation management for managing safety in pressurized work.

Diaphragm Seals for Corrosive, Viscous or Pasty Fluids

Pressure gauges suitable for measuring coagulable fluids with particularly high acidity, alkaline content, or viscosity including chemicals and petrochemical materials.

Sanitary Gauges

Pressure gauges intended for use in environments with a high requirement for sanitation and cleanliness such as the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Combination pressure/
Temperature gauges

Bimetal thermometer


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