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A pressure gauge with electric contact is used for alarm a socket with a buzzer or a bell, turning on and off of a pilot lamp, for a control via a relay. It is used in many area as it provides rational operation control and safety monitoring in pressure processes.
The contact mechanism is so that a movable contact is located on the surface of a pressure gauge and the circuitry is closed when the pointer touches the movable contact set to a certain pressure reading on the dial. Contact pressure can be set to an arbitrary point from outside the gauge.
Wiring for the bell socket must be arranged by the user.

Contact Mechanism
The contact mechanism comprises a movable contact and static contact on the pressure gauge surface. As pressure changes the movable contact moves toward and touches the static contact to close the circuitry (normally closed) (see Fig. 1). This provides high accuracy in pressure setting. However, since electric contact capacity is 50 VA and is smaller compared with a micro switch type, a relay is required to directly drive any machine or equipment.


A contact is achieved by touching between a pointer and a set pointer. Thus the contact accuracy is similar to a normal pressure gauge.
Contact pressure can be easily adjusted to an arbitrary level with an adjusting knob on the surface.
Contact capacity is 0.5 A or less at 100 VAC. Platinum is used as the material of the contact.
Continuous electric current is 3 A maximum and the break current is 0.5 A. The contact mechanism provides 100 thousand operation time.
Withstanding voltage test is AC 1500 V for 30 seconds.

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