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Our strengths

We manufacture the pressure gauges customers demand and expect by making full use
of our technical expertise cultivated through the 100 years of our pressure gauge
manufacturing history.

We have been dedicating our expertise in manufacturing high-quality and high-precision pressure gauges for our customers and gaining their trust since 1919.
With this experience and technical know-how cultivated through the 100 years of pressure gauge manufacturing since our founding, we have the capability to flexibly address the needs of our customers who require small amounts of customized products through small-lot production, something that many other manufacturers cannot match.

With our unique production system that we developed throughout our long history of manufacturing, we will continue to meticulously manufacture high-quality one-of-a-kind pressure gauges at a low price and with the fast delivery time that our customers expect. Through these efforts, we will strive to contribute to the development of future industries and of society.

We will recommend various different pressure gauges based on your needs.


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