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General Pressure Gauges


These pressure gauges were designed and manufactured in accordance with JIS B 7505-1 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges. A wide variety is available for diverse installation environments and mediums.


  • Manufactured for 7 performance factors according to use and objective: normal, steam, heat resistance, vibration resistance, steam and vibration resistance, heat- and vibration- resistance, and corrosion resistant.
  • Already type-approved and certification-ready.
  • Can be manufactured in other materials suitable for oxygen, acetylene, foods or corrosive mediums that deviate from ordinary conditions.
  • Can be manufactured to 0.6, 1.0. 1.6 accuracy classifications specified in JIS B 7505-1 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges.
  • High durability casing with electrodeposited coating.
  • Wetted part In case of stainless steel, plastic case is standard.(Limited to A, B and 60 Φ to 100 Φ)
  • We can manufacture gauges with all stainless steel material or with “C-shaped” flange.

Type approval details

Details of the Bourdon tube pressure gauge with type approval

1. Size     50φ、60φ、75φ、100φ、150φ、200φ
2. Pressure range   0~200MPa
3. Shape     A、B、D、D2、D3、D4

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